How to clean oriental rugs

Oriental rugs are quite popular rugs that are uniquely designed and are the special rugs that come from Orient. Oriental rugs can influence the overall design of your place and helps in accentuating the beauty of your place. The quality of the material used is great and may vary greatly The quality of the construction and materials vary greatly. The oriental rugs are generally made of natural materials rather than synthetic ones such as wool, polyester, etc.

The oriental rug is generally a handwoven rug that comes in a variety of colors, patterns, and designs. The services for oriental rug cleaning in NYC includes hand cleaning of the carpet. There are a plethora of ways in which an oriental rug can be cleaned effectively.

Regular Check On Dust And Dirt

It is vital to keep a check on the dirt and dust penetrated into the rug which should be regularly cleaned. The simplest way to clean the carpet is by turning the carpet upside down and beat the back of the carpet with dust that will help the dust and dirt to come out of the carpet. This way the carpet will be cleaned. Also, for effective cleaning rub your hand across the wool fibers to allow the dust to come out from every corner of the rug. Further, separate the carpet and check whether there is any dirt in the fiber or not.

Vacuuming Of The Rug

Thorough vacuum of the rug is required in the direction of the pile so that the dirt is removed completely. Ensure that the fringe is not vacuumed as it may take away the carpet base and also try to use lukewarm water to clean any type of stains or spots on the carpet.

Regular Washing Of The Carpet

The carpet should be washed regularly and massaged with a cleaning solution to remove any kind of stubborn dirt and germs from the carpet. When it comes to drying, the sun’s heat is best for drying the carpet. The ammonia-based solution is effective in cleaning the carpet and make sure the reverse side of the carpet is also washed.

A Good Rinse

The leaning of the rug means that it should be cleaning with soapy water and should be rinsed thoroughly and squeeze it properly to remove as much as water from it as possible.
The Carpet Cleaning in NYC effectively keeps the rug clean by cleaning the carpet with the best cleaning solution and they ensure to dry the carpet completely.

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